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Alisha Rallan

The Director of Ministry for Outcast, joined the missions movement in 2021, ignited by a profound desire to foster unity within the Church. Just as it says in John 17, she believes that unity creates belief, and a united church is the way the church can reach the world.

In her capacity as Director of Ministry, she oversees all the Ministry Programs under Outcast, including: Outcast Academy, Outcast GEN & Worship Workshops.

With her wealth of experience, she serves as a consultant to seven distinct ministries, a testament to her unyielding commitment to strengthening the bonds that connect the faithful.

At the heart of her mission lies the Outcast Academy, a 3-month school designed to equip youth in Media missions. For Alisha, the opportunity to nurture the aspirations of young souls and guide them toward their divine callings is nothing short of a dream realized.

Alisha’s roots trace back to Hyderabad, where she was born into a Christian family. Today, she and her husband, Keith Watson, originally from Kerala, have chosen to call Hyderabad their home, sharing their lives as vessels of Jesus’s love. Keith, in his corporate role, radiates the love of Jesus in every professional endeavor, serving as a silent yet powerful testament to their shared faith.

But Alisha’s devotion doesn’t stop there. She is known to be an excellent content writer and helps ministries with content. She uses the written word as a conduit for the profound love of Jesus, firmly believing in the transformative power of her words, inspired by His word. Her life stands as a beautiful testament to her unwavering dedication to loving Jesus and His people, showing His love through prayer and every available avenue. In every facet of her existence, she eloquently exemplifies her firm belief that love and prayer can reshape the world, and she commits herself to being a living embodiment of His love for all to see, Him and Him alone.