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20 19

Back in 2019, Ricky Raymond George and Jeremiah Samuel, two friends, found themselves wrapped up in a wild conversation about how OTT platforms like Netflix were taking over the entertainment space. Sitting there in India, they thought, “Hey, what if we, as Christians, jumped into that world and made a difference?” It was a crazy dream, but they dared to dream big!

With eyes brimming with dreams and hearts filled with courage, they started an Instagram page. They named it Outcast because, well, it was all about Outreach through broadcast. And just like that, Outcast was birthed!

20 20

In the dynamic year of 2020, Ricky, along with a crew of friends, kicked off something special in February – a workshop on media missions called “DIGITAL JESUS.” The buzz was real, with over 50 enthusiastic participants from Hyderabad eager to be part of this initiative.

Then, just before the pandemic threw us all for a loop, Outcast joined forces with Bridge Music to drop a game-changer – WORSHIP PACKS. Little did we know, when the lockdown hit, these packs became a lifeline for over 8000 churches, powering up their online services.

Soon after, an influx of requests for media assistance poured in from all corners. Ministries were stuck, and Outcast was the solution – this was why we exist.

With the demand skyrocketing, we rolled out an online internship with 11 passionate participants. Spoiler alert: that internship morphed into what we now proudly call Outcast Academy.

And just like that, Outcast went from a cool idea to a lifeline for churches and ministries during some seriously challenging times. Stay tuned because the Outcast story is just getting started!

20 21

In 2021, Ricky made a significant shift by selling his company to dedicate himself entirely to full-time ministry with Outcast. Together with Prithvi, Rijo, and Alisha, they officially embarked on the journey of establishing Outcast as an organisation. As the team expanded, Outcast Academy was launched offline in Hyderabad, stemming from the brainchild of Outcast internships held in 2020.

Collaborations were formed with Spikenard and Bridge, and this led to the birth of hosting of “Breaking Alabaster Sounds.”

Traversing the country, creative huddles were conducted in various cities, championing the idea of “media as the for future missions.” This initiative led to increased enrolment at Outcast Academy and widespread dissemination of Outcast’s vision: outreach through broadcast.

20 22

In 2022, Outcast Academy conducted its second batch. During this time, we embarked on a mission trip to Mumbai and participated in the Harvest camp, which focused on missions—going into all the world, as the Harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

A fresh initiative, Outcast Gen, was introduced, aimed at empowering the next generation to engage in missions and ministry. We observed God’s hand at work as we equipped numerous churches with tools and resources, encouraging the younger generation to embrace a lifestyle centred around missions.

20 23

In 2023, the year unfolded with significant milestones. Ricky, along with friends of Outcast Vivek Samuel and Presty Varghese, initiated Zero Con, an event where Outcast served as a partner. This became a catalytic movement uniting us to deliberate on media missions.


Simultaneously, Outcast Academy witnessed its largest-ever batch, comprising 17 students. Relocating to a more spacious facility, we secured a venue for over three months for the very first time. Anticipation fills our hearts as we eagerly await God’s unfolding plans for Outcast Ministry, Outcast Gen, Outcast Worship, and Out Media Tech in the coming years.