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Beulah John

Beulah John, a remarkable individual with a heart dedicated to service and empowerment, holds the role of Co-founder Director at Ben Holistic Enterprise And Out Media Tech Pvt Lmt. She is not only a visionary business leader but also a Trustee of various notable organizations, including Outcast Academy, Asha Jyothi, and the John Foundation. Furthermore, her influence extends as a Board Member of John’s Academy, showcasing her commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering change.


Beulah possesses a deep passion for creating sustainable business models that can support nonprofit initiatives focused on ministry and social impact. Her work in this sphere reflects her dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.


One of Beulah’s shining qualities is her dedication to empowering women. She exemplifies the idea of “fixing the crown on another woman’s head and not talking about how crooked it is.” Her support and mentorship inspire countless women to stand tall and pursue their dreams, making her a role model for those who aspire to empower others.

Beulah’s heart overflows with love for young children, and she is determined to help them blossom into everything that God has called them to be. She achieves this noble goal through her tireless efforts in the Asha Jyothi and John Foundation ministries, where her impact on the lives of young ones is immeasurable.


Born and raised in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, Beulah has spent her entire life here, steeped in the rich culture and community. In her personal life, Beulah is happily married to Ricky Raymond George, and together they are blessed with a son, Micah George. As a family, they’ve made it their life’s mission to serve the Lord in various ways, leaving a legacy of faith, love, and service to others.


Beulah’s passion for ministry is deeply rooted in her family, as she proudly represents the second generation in this noble calling. Her heritage and upbringing have molded her into the compassionate, driven, and visionary leader she is today.


Remarkably, Beulah is not only a dedicated leader but also a gifted fashion designer. She leverages her talents to raise funds for the ministries she’s involved in, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Beulah’s unique approach as a “tent maker in the kingdom” exemplifies her commitment to blending her passions with her calling, making her a source of inspiration for others.


In an age where impact and purpose matter more than ever, Beulah John stands as a shining example of what it means to live a life dedicated to service, empowerment, and making a lasting difference in the lives of others.