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Rijo Johny

COO, Out Media Tech

Beulah John, a remarkable individual with a heart dedicated to service and empowerment, holds the role of Co-founder Director at BEN HOLISTIC ENTERPRISE AND OUT MEDIA TECH PVT LMT. She is not only a visionary business leader but also a Trustee of various notable organizations, including Outcast Academy, Asha Jyothi, and the John Foundation. Furthermore, her inuence extends as a Board Member of John’s Academy, showcasing her commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering change.

Alicia Rallan

Director of Ministry, Outcast

Alisha Rallan, the Director of Ministry for Outcast, joined the missions movement in 2021, ignited by a profound desire to foster unity within the Church. Just as it says in John 17, she believes that unity creates belief, and a united church is the way the church can reach the world.