Outcast: Not Your Normal Christianity – (Episode 2 – Is God Bad Too?)


Episode – 2 | Is God Bad Too? This is our take on one of the age old youth/teens camp, Christian Forum Q&A session’s hot question – “If there is a good God, why does evil exist?” Well, as we make it clear in every episode…this is a discussion we’ve had with different mindsets and perspectives coming together on one table to talk/discuss about one issue/topic. So, is God (sometimes) bad too? After you listen to the whole, please ensure you share you opinions, critique(s), or anything you want to add or correct. Also please ensure you drop in reference points to your views for others to understand better.

Host – Nithin Raj

Special Guest – Jeremiah Samuel, Sarat Yellasiri, Harshith Joseph, Joshua Kamthan

Show Producer – Ricky Raymond

Special Mention – Prithvi Samson, Nidhin Sebastian

Sound Cloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/outcastindia/o…

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