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Rijo Johny

Affectionately known as a Hyderabadi Malayalee, embarked on his journey with Outcast in 2021. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Out Media Tech Pvt Limited. Out Media  not only provides valuable services to its clients but also utilizes its profits to support the ministry wings of Outcast.


In his personal life, Rijo is happily married to Anitta Elizabeth, a native of Mumbai, who has been a constant source of support for his ministry endeavors. With a penchant for bringing order to chaos, Rijo is the go-to “operation guy” within his professional circles. His commitment to giving his all is evident through his dedication to excellence. His keen eye for detail and exceptional logistics skills shine through, making life easier for those involved in spreading the gospel through his production sets.


Rijo’s has contributed to various Christian production houses across India. His unwavering dedication to his work, coupled with his commitment to bringing the message of faith to the world, showcases his passion for making a positive impact.