Breaking chains, diving in – Evangeline Augustine

Breaking chains, diving in.

Is God for real, yes He is. I see Him in my situations, people and in a fading world.

Do you see a dying person and see any hope?

Do you see rays of hope in a person stuck in darkness?

Souls awaiting love, immersed in love itself?

Possibilities in the extremities?

Is it what we say by tongue but not really accept in heart?

Say ‘God’ and still fighting within if He’s really reachable?

Say ‘Hope’ and not seeing it within?

– [ ] Compromising and living life without life?

I pushed my barriers. I’ve intentionally, desperately, stubbornly waited for my impossibilities changed.

I wanted to see hope for real, love for real, healing for real and life for real. And, I’ve seen God. He’s, He is for real.

Do you see any hope? Well, you know you should until the one who created Hope turns in.

Love beyond measure, sacrifice out of purity, hope for a dead soul, breath in to dust. Is that God or your mere imagination?

Testing your being, pondering the wonder in you and knowing that God is for real, not on your day of death but when you’re wide awake in your problems.

Suffering, disappointments, pain, guilt, burden. What do these waves direct you to. What do they drift you to? Well think, stretch it a bit. They all point you to the very beginning of waters, which whether you believe or no has a beginning of the flow.

The biggest of oceans, the tallest of mountains, the deepest of valleys and the greatest of a built Human form. They all had or have a beginning.

When you want to give up, just remember, you were an infant. A seed of chromosome, formless to being formed in your mothers womb and stepping out to the world. There was a beginning.

It’s not you, it’s not magic, not luck and not fortune.

A pure miracle, a wonder and just say GOD.

Hope again, live again, live again. Why? Remember, every wave hits back to the beginning.

In the deepest of the mere impossibilities and losing hope that you see around. Remember, remind yourself, time and again, how your journey began from a seed of your mom and dad to what you are.

You are an embodiment of Love. You are a value. You are a treasure that fitted into Heavens full intention. You are God’s creation. You are coz He intended you to be. You just cannot do anything about it except, “Breaking Chains within you.”

Thoughts and words – Evangeline Augustine.

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