CHANGA – A reminder of God our Healer.

This new release by Jaago music is a must listen, it features Allen Ganta, Prakruthi Angelina, Sheldon Bangera and Narsinga Bobbili.

Sheldon answers a few questions we asked him and also shares with us the heart behind the song “Changa.”

1. What’s your favourite line in the song Changa?

I have two favourite lines actually.

Tere kode khaane se, mili changayi (Isa 53:3) and haalat har vachan say badloon (Mark 11:23) We are able to use the word of our mouth and prayer to move mountains and thereby change every situation.

As followers of Jesus whenever we encounter difficult situations, we tend to speak negatively instead of speaking about life and healing. But the real power is in our tongue (Pro 18:21) even if it takes time for our healing to manifest, we must press on towards it.

2. What was your thought process behind writing this song?

I was down with COVID complications last year and one night, I began to hear these lines come very strongly to me. It was a direct download from heaven and felt like the presence of the Lord came into my room. I was struggling with physical, mental and emotional health and I felt like the Lord’s healing power was coming into my situation. I wanted to write this song to minister to people in hospitals and across the world. I felt like this song when sung in repeats has tremendous power to make that healing confession stronger and make it manifest in our lives. Praying that many more be healed and set free through CHANGA!

3. What are you believing for the church with the release of this song?

I believe that God has used healing as a powerful tool to advance the great commission. That’s why the gospels are filled with Jesus healing so many. Even the old testament has a ton of healing stories. So when the church sings this song, more healing will manifest and more people will experience true freedom from mental, physical, emotional, abuse-related issues and more folks will experience the power of God in their lives. Many theologians would want this to happen another way, many lightly esteem the healing power of God. I also used to do the same out of my hyper intellectualism but frankly, if Jesus healed out of compassion and chose to heal to touch lives, I believe we are to follow that model and bring healing to this broken world. My prayer is that the church should not despise healing, the church shouldn’t market and milk healing but simply move into healing out of compassion and when people experience the power of God touching lives.

4. Tell us something we do not know about the “Together” project.

The TOGETHER project was birthed out of our downtime and brokenness. It was not a great season post-COVID and tons of other enemy attacks. But that’s when folks can gather together and strengthen one another. The FOLJ church and us at Jaago over one random afternoon conversation felt the need to stand TOGETHER in prayer and worship even as I was in tears over the phone call and totally broken. We just declared it by faith and we had friends come alongside from every walk of life – financial supporters and friends, media, tech, travel, administration, hospitality, worship leaders, churches, musicians, producers and many others and this project suddenly came TOGETHER. It has been a total move of God. I don’t think I can explain it in human terms. We stand TOGETHER and are grateful for each and every friend from over the ages, partner, musician, well-wisher, church, love of Jesus standing TOGETHER!

If you’re in a hard season and want to experience God’s healing presence and peace, then go right ahead and listen to this song. It sure is going to touch your heart and life.

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