After watching the trailer we just can’t wait for the release of the song “Chase,” written by Rajashekar. Please go ahead and see the promo below to know what we are talking about.

We had a conversation with Raj and asked him a few questions about the song and here’s what he had to say…

1. How was the whole experience of writing and shooting this song?

A. Let’s talk about writing first, it took a long time for me to complete the whole thing, almost 4 years now. I started with the chorus back in early 2018, the hook was catchy and a genuinely silly question to understand what it means to be loved. During one of my worship sets at Face2Face Foundation (Bangalore), I spontaneously wrote the bridge part of the song. And since then I’ve been singing the chorus and the bridge wherever I’ve gone and led. It was a fun song to play with the whole band and the people loved it. Many of them came to me and asked where they found the song and how they were impacted by the lyrics as it resonated with their hearts. I’ve sat multiple times to finish the verses but never really could till last October. My close friends have pushed me to finish it and just put it out. So I sat with Poline Ivy and Nickson Goves, shared the idea and the heart behind what I wanted for the verses and they helped me figure it out. A week later we were in the studio recording the acoustic version with John Israel who’s an amazing music producer and took the song to the next level. We rented a studio, tracked guitars and then the vocals. It was a sacred experience and to be honest a tough one because I had a cold and didn’t know if I’d be able to sing but we got it done and had a lot of fun recording.

Being a music video director myself I had way too many ideas and plans but I wanted to keep it simple. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, I couldn’t get what we wanted. However, with the help of my friends Nathan D’cuotho, Nihal Justin Xavier and Rohit Guntur, I was able to record a few takes. Most of the takes a very steady tripod shot. It was a big step for me to go from behind the camera to be right in front of it. I still prefer being in the background.

2. What are you believing for the community through the release of this song?

A: Nothing but to simply find joy and identity amid chaos. To know that you are loved. Often we succumb to pressures and don’t know what love means and life too. We tend to forget who we are and how much we’re loved not just by people but also by the one who made us in His Image. It’s that one person that has loved me so much that He left everything and was nailed on the cross for all my sins and then beat the grave to find me in His arms — Jesus. Now that makes me want to sing how much I’m loved and the fact that I matter to the Master of the Universe is simply amazing! Then the Chase begins, pursuing the truth and the greater call of our lives. To Love, to be loved and become Beloved.

3. Do you have something to say to all the upcoming artists who want to put their music out there?

A: A lot! I’ve got a lot to say but I just simply want to encourage you to put your art out there, even if you find it silly, ugly and unfinished. Just get it out! Because you will never really know the impact it will have in peoples’ lives until you put it out there for them to listen/see/consume.

Being a perfectionist, I wanted to do so much and I know I couldn’t so I took this as a challenge to not care too much about the output. I wasted a lot of time caring to have a fully produced song with fancy music video, lighting and sets. Instead, I’m going with a simple acoustic version with a grungy white wall and me grooving to the song. I’m okay to be an outcast and do things differently.

Like my favourite rapper, Lecrae says, “All you need is all you got.”

I don’t have a ton of money but I’ve got a little creativity in me and I’mma use it. I got time, I’ve got ideas, and I’m surrounded by blessed and super cool friends. I’mma reach out to them and take their help!

Look around, you’ve got everything you need. JUST DO IT!

Putting my song out in the raw form and hearing the stories of people has pushed me to just get it and it’s finally coming out on 28th April!


Now that was one inspiring conversation.

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