Christian Songwriters You Need To Listen To. (Part – 2)

It’s an absolute joy to see how God is raising His daughters in our nation to proclaim His

power, love, and healing through the songs He puts in their hearts. Here are some of

His Beloved who are faithfully serving for His kingdom and blessing the Church with

their songs.

1.Esther Evelyne

With almost 9 years into song-writing, Esther Evelyne was born and raised in Hyderabad. For Esther, her songs are her prayers, and each song that she wrote has taken birth during her quiet time with God. With an overall of 7 original songs, some of her personal favorites are Preminche Dhaivama which is also the first song that she wrote back in 2011, Mera Sahara, and Knocking on Heaven’s Doors. She has also translated a few Hindi songs to Telugu Neela Lerevvaru– a Telugu version of the song Tumsa Koi Nahi and a few other Telugu songs to Hindi Yeshu ka Pyaar– a Hindi version of the song Viduvadu 

When asked about why she chose to write songs, she says “Worship connects one to God and witness is what leads others to God. There is nothing better than having an opportunity to spread the Gospel through Worship.” Esther’s upcoming original composition Yeshu mere saat hai will be out soon. Keep an eye out!



2.Anu Samuel

Born to a Bengali Dad and a Malayalee mom, she has spent her life in Vijayawada since her childhood. She has close to 30 songs with her – some solo compositions, some collaborations, and some for kids too. With 10 years of her life into songwriting, she says “My songs are usually birthed from spontaneous moments during Worship leading which I’ve been into for 13 years and then I take them and work on them personally.” She has experienced a song being birth every time she faced a personal challenge or battle in her life and those songs remain a medium to vent her emotions as well as reclaim her identity in Christ. She wrote her first song Ninne Aradhintun at the age of 18 and plans on releasing her recent Naamamu soon. 

“My goal is to be as real and vulnerable as I can be in my lyrics, serve my local church, city & state in my local language so that these songs can be a source of solace and anthems of declarations!” she adds.



3.Merlyn Salvadi

Her first song – Mera Intezaar , was written at the age of 27 out of a painful season in her life and now it’s been six years that she has continued writing songs. She was born in Hyderabad and stayed in the UK for a year to pursue her Masters in Architecture. She then got married to Kenny Salvadi and all her songs have been produced by her husband under Kenny Salvadi Productions since then. Most of her songs are “inspired out of real-life situations” when she spends her quiet time with God. Merlyn and her husband – Kenny, put together all her songs and came up with the album Yeh Pyaar Tumhara.

Out of 16 songs that she has written so far, 7 are yet to be released. Her goal remains to ‘Praise Jesus and glorify His name’ while she plans on releasing 2 of her songs soon.



4.Jasmin Faith

“I’m very picky on the songs I release”, says Jasmin who was born and raised in Switzerland. She has been penning down songs since she was 15 and her first song is titled Yesuvae which is one out of her 24 unreleased songs. Her first official single was Yennai Nadathubavar which was released on 28th June 2017. 

Jasmin says, “I would first hear a melody in my heart and then add lyrics that I feel would fit the tune. Most of my lyrics are from revelations I have and real-life experiences.” when asked about how her songs take form. She only releases songs when she feels “it’s going to impact someone and when it feels complete and ready to be released.” For her, songs are a tool “to express an honest rendition in a vulnerable way.” She aims that people will be able “to encounter God’s love and presence and truly worship Him and for people to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged.”



These are some of our favorite female songwriters from India who have been blessing the Church with their songs and serving His people faithfully. What about you? Let us know your favorites in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Article By Salome Sundilla

credits – Nithin Raj | Adit Abraham

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