Dive Deep – An Artist Insight

We have been writing to various artists and asking them to share with us their story behind why they do what they do, how they do it and what kind of support they need. As one body we must be willing to learn from each other, inspire each other and be there for one another.

For the first one, We have Thanga Selvam with us, Let’s hear what he has to say.

Q: Selvam, why do you do what you do?

A: I’m passionate about worship and music and I love to share about God through music.

Q: What are the struggles you face while producing a song?

A: In the Indian context, it’s difficult to make a livelihood via music but producing songs requires a good investment and ROI might take time. Hence one must find an alternative way of supporting themselves and continue to pursue music production

Q: What kind of support do you need as an artist from the church?

A: Songs are a powerful tool to carry the word of God and worship brings heaven down. Churches can consider it as a ministry and support artists by inviting them to minister, investing in the songs being produced by them, and being part of associations like CCLI which blesses the songwriters for their self-sustenance.

Q: Is there something you would like to say to all the upcoming artists out there?

A: Always believe in God for provision, keep writing and singing wherever possible.

We were so grateful to have had this conversation with Selvam. It opened our eyes to quite a few things and we hope to support our artists in prayer and in whatever way we can.

Are you an artist? Share with us how your journey has been in the comments section.

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