By Salomi Sundilla

With the increase in its viewership, YouTube has clearly provided a platform for a lot of people to share their thoughts, talents, opinions, beliefs with a large audience. Taking advantage of this platform, there are a few Indian Christians who took it to YouTube to share the Good News with the world in their own unique ways. In this article, let’s get to know FOUR INDIAN CHRISTIAN YOUTUBERS YOU CAN FOLLOW!

  • Robin and Lenu William

This lovely couple is from Bangalore and they serve at Face2Face Foundation. They are known for their teachings on worship and the word. Some of their YouTube series are #DNA & #WorshipCulture.

#DNA is a series where Robin talks about God’s identity and creation. #WorshipCulture is another segment where Robin, along with Nickson Lino Goves discuss questions surrounding worship.

Find them on YouTube here and on Instagram here.

If you decide to watch their videos, you are in for a heavy dose of divine wisdom.

  • Abdela Elizabeth Philip

She is a sweet young girl originally from Kerala, currently in Hyderabad. She works with Amit Kamble Ministries and she started a Youtube channel recently where she creates videos of testimonies of people who have been working for the Kingdom. The series is called “Tales to Testimony” and has featured people like Amit Kamble, Prakruthi Angelina, Praneet Calvin, and other amazing people!

You can find her YouTube channel here and her Instagram account here.

  • Vihan Damaris

Yet another God-hearted, young girl from Bangalore! From song covers to fun vlogs/sketches, covers, and other interesting types of content and she’s got them all in one place! Some of her most-watched videos include ‘How to pray to God’, ‘Worship Leaders react to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King album’, ‘How to say grace before meals’ etc.,

Find her here on YouTube. You can also check her Instagram account here.

  • Stella Ramola

On her YouTube channel – Stellazlife, she creates content on Biblical truths and her ‘A day in my life’ videos are something you wouldn’t wanna miss. Not only that, but she talks about her skincare and haircare routines. How helpful is that now?

Subscribe to her YouTube channel here and find her on Instagram here.

These are few of my favourite Indian Christian Youtubers. How about you? Drop your recommendations in the comment box below.

Article By Salomi Sundilla

Photo’s Edited By Adit Abraham

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