Human Race – Meghna Chinaiah

How you use your creativity to celebrate God and life? _To me creativity is nothing but a part of Him, that comes from Him as we are made in His own image. _

Hi! I’m @meghnachinaiah a dentist by profession and a photographer by passion. Photography is nothing but freezing a moment, but to me it’s about detail and it’s all about light! I’m extremely fascinated by light and how it evokes thousands of emotions in our heart. Bless the day when God said LET THERE BE LIGHT! Started chasing the light in my day to day life with a passion to celebrate the creator, which always left me with an awe of His creation. I find beauty in everyday objects. I feel more alive and more grateful when I photograph. As HE designed my eye (talent) in a unique fashion, I hold myself accountable as the man whom the master blessed with one coin and what am I doing with it? Hence, made it a priority to use this to celebrate him and glorify him by being faithful in the little. It’s all out of a sole purpose to improve the craftsmanship and owing it alone to the audience of one. When blessed with the luxury of things like a good camera, phone or a gadget, wanted to use them as TOOLS & not as TOYS, to glorify him with every little thing he blessed me with. So, using social media as platform reaching out to people I’m running two Instagram pages, one focusing on photography and one which I very recently started on health and well being. The purpose comes from him! It’s just growing with him to glorify him. This is my kind of Worship.

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