The Internship Experience:

We’ve spoken to the interns, ex-interns and the staff of this uber-cool organisation called LiveJam and here’s what they have to say.

So we asked the staff,

“What do y’all do at the LiveJam internship?”

In one phrase: influencing the influencers!!

We believe that when you sow the seed of greatness, leadership and above all Urban Missions at an early stage, you’re setting up the youth to influence thousands more in their lifetime!

The internship is meant for students who are in the first / second year of college. The aim of the internship is to nurture, mentor and train the interns in Urban Missions with a focus on personal spiritual growth and sharing the Gospel in a creative and relevant manner to youth between 14-25 years.

And then we asked the intern lead, Jonathan Paul

“What does the whole LiveJam experience look like?”

The LiveJam Internship program focuses on disciplining and mentoring young lives to be kingdom minded and look at the bigger picture.

They are trained in various key areas which will help them understand their ministry and to feel equipped to endeavour missions with their local and regional churches.

Collaboration and Critical thinking is best developed with a team that is being constantly challenged professionally with constant support from those who have been in their shoes.

Interns learn communication and network with leaders from across the country to build a perspective with which they see every believer and church as the Body of Christ.

The best thing is that age does not determine how much you can do, all you need is one crazy idea, the faith to know that God will provide and the LJ DNA in your system. LiveJam is the bridge that connects the Church with the world and we don’t just talk about it, we will ALWAYS get it done.

And then we spoke to a few interns and this is what they had to say:

Florence Stuti Paul:

Since July 2021 I have grown in character and skills that set me apart. The internship has helped me to be bolder and courageous in sharing the Gospel with my peers, be it sharing a Gospel quote on socials or having a conversation.

Soniya Vinod John says:

The internship at Live Jam has been a great ride for me personally. As an introvert myself, I saw the opportunity at Live Jam as a breakthrough for me to come out of my shell. The internship has accelerated my creativity in content creation as well as meeting management.

Maresha Rahul Barve says:

The LiveJam internship has been a blessing to me in numerous ways. It has increased my productivity quotient in the last year. To be introduced and connected to so many people of influence in different cities was one of the highlights of it all. I got to work with like-minded people and happened to build a relationship beyond just professionalism.

David Michael says:

The internship has been very advantageous for me. It has expanded and stretched my overall creativity and outlook. Engaging myself in tasks concerning memes, reels and posts have developed a sense of creativity. It helped me to formulate relatable content w.r.t to hope, courage, life and God’s Love for Gen-Z youth.

We have come to the last question,

“What opportunities do interns have once they’ve completed the internship?”

The staff said,

“The Interns have an opportunity to continue their college- internship with LiveJam for another 1-2 years based on their performance and also be part of some exclusive and key LiveJam initiatives. As a bonus they can get an opportunity to come on board as a full staff LiveJam member. In the process, there is also an opportunity to become City Catalysts in their cities.

With a host of upskilling that takes place in fields like social media management, online and offline events, content creation , marketing and communications, project management and design, etc., at the age of 18/19 years, the doors to far more diverse areas in the marketplace are also opened!”

Looking for a life-changing internship?

LiveJam is one place you should be applying at.

We are grateful for their ministry and the impact they’ve been making across the world.


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