Dive Deep – An Artist Insight

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This is our second article on Dive Deep- an artist insight. And we are so elated to have had a conversation with none other than Robin William, whom we fondly call Robin cha.

Let’s Dive in as we to know our artists at a deeper level, deeper than what we just see on the surface, let’s get to know what’s on their heart.

1. So Robin cha, tell us Why you do what you do?

– I’m a strong believer that we shouldn’t miss out on what God is trying to say to us right now. It’s not that ‘His Truth’ changes over generations, but He wants to speak in our (present) language, so we can never deny His goodness.

2. What are the struggles you face while producing a song?

– As an artist, it’s easy for perfection to come in the way of releasing a song. Often, songs get buried when we start believing that the song is about our reputation. What helps is acknowledging that everything in the kingdom of God is a work in progress, and ultimately it’s not about us but about people encountering God.

3. What kind of support do you need as an artist from the church?

– Churches need to start believing that God can speak and use artists to deliver His Truth just as He would with anyone on a platform. There is no reason for Creativity and Truth to be in conflict because God is the author of both.

4. Is there something you would like to say to all the upcoming artists out there?

– First of all, believe that God can and wants to use you as a prophet to your generation. Second, it’s not about the views or the likes; your assignment can be a nation or a city or just one person – stay faithful. And last, God has given you the seed of revival for this generation, do not bury it but use it for His glory.

We were blessed with this conversation and we hope it blesses your heart too!

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Dive Deep – An Artist Insight

We have been writing to various artists and asking them to share with us their story behind why they do what they do, how they do it and what kind of support they need. As one body we must be willing to learn from each other, inspire each other and be there for one another.

For the first one, We have Thanga Selvam with us, Let’s hear what he has to say.

Q: Selvam, why do you do what you do?

A: I’m passionate about worship and music and I love to share about God through music.

Q: What are the struggles you face while producing a song?

A: In the Indian context, it’s difficult to make a livelihood via music but producing songs requires a good investment and ROI might take time. Hence one must find an alternative way of supporting themselves and continue to pursue music production

Q: What kind of support do you need as an artist from the church?

A: Songs are a powerful tool to carry the word of God and worship brings heaven down. Churches can consider it as a ministry and support artists by inviting them to minister, investing in the songs being produced by them, and being part of associations like CCLI which blesses the songwriters for their self-sustenance.

Q: Is there something you would like to say to all the upcoming artists out there?

A: Always believe in God for provision, keep writing and singing wherever possible.

We were so grateful to have had this conversation with Selvam. It opened our eyes to quite a few things and we hope to support our artists in prayer and in whatever way we can.

Are you an artist? Share with us how your journey has been in the comments section.

In the age of Kindle and Audible, the Bible remains an interesting outlier!

We live in an age when technology has not only altered consumer patterns but also become an integral part of our lives. The recent lockdown only further accelerated this change, encouraging many self-proclaimed “old-timers” to embrace online solutions such as video calls, OTT entertainment, mobile banking and e-commerce deliveries. The internet has undoubtedly made our lives simpler. Today, access to everything from music to groceries, movies and banking are all just a few clicks away.

Physical books, once a much-desired collectable was one of the first things to move online. It may come as a surprise to many that Amazon and Flipkart initially started off as online book stores. Today online readers such as Kindle and audio book providers such as Audible have become the new norm. Some books and publishers even have their own mobile apps – building a loyal online reader base.

In such a scenario the bible remains an interesting outlier. A popular Christian bookstore owner told us, “while we have seen a constant decline in the purchase of Christian books over the years, the bible itself remains hugely popular among our customers.”

There is today no scarcity of bible reading apps and websites. From the hugely popular YouVersion App to online websites such as BibleGateway, the bible in its many translations is freely available online. Yet, Christian bookshop owners agree that they continue to see healthy sales of the physical bible. Our conversations with bible owners revealed many possible explanations – ranging from serious and spiritual to downright comical. One family told us that while they all enjoyed their bible apps; they felt the need to have at least one physical bible at home to be able to read together during their family prayer each evening. Another youngster told us the only reason he was buying a bible was because he was scared his pastor wouldn’t allow him into the church without it. A self-proclaimed “bibliophile” told us,” I just enjoy the smell of an actual physical bible.”

One woman mentioned that she felt a physical bible helped add a personal touch to her meditation. She told us, “From personal scribblings to big God revelations, I enjoy jotting all of them down on my physical bible so I am reminded of them when I read that passage again.” Another purchaser told us that he felt the physical bible helped him reduce distraction. “As a business man, I receive multiple emails and messages all the time. No matter how hard I try to focus on God’s word, a notification ping is hard to ignore and I often find myself fighting the urge to tap on it.” The physical bible helps me focus completely on what I am reading and this makes a huge difference in my personal quiet time.”

Be it an online version or a physical bible, we can all agree that the word of God remains the same. Having it available on multiple platforms only helps make it more accessible which is a good thing. While a digital bible ensures ease of use and enables us access it anywhere, a physical bible has its own perks – including distraction-free reading and a personal touch. What type of bible do you enjoy reading? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

visit www.ashabooks.com today!

Article by Ben John

Every Tribe, Nation and Tongue : The Blessing

Within a week of its release, Unakkagave Irukkindrar– the Tamil version of the well-known worship song The Blessing, made it to 14k+ views on YouTube (and still growing). During an exclusive interview with the woman who initiated this project Amazing Grace Cruz aka Amaze (no pun intended), told us how this season was a “season of worship and declaration” for her. The main motive behind releasing The Blessing in Tamil was for the Tamil community – from kids to parents, to small businessmen, to frontline workers – for everyone to be able to sing it and declare it in their local language too.

The original song was a personal declaration for Amaze. She also mentioned how the Bible verse Malachi 4: 6 has been the “theme of my (her) heart” especially for this generation. She wants to see the Word of God being proclaimed and declared in every generation.

This song was sung by six gracious worshippers and was translated by Thanga Selvam, Prakruthi Angelina, and Amaze herself. While sharing the song’s translation process, she mentioned that all of the people involved in the translation process only knew how to speak in Tamil, not read or write in Tamil script. Despite that, the translation process was easy and quick. She also added, “…none of us met each other before”. It was entirely God connecting them and bringing them together for this “Holy Spirit inspired, Kingdom project”.

When asked whether it was easy or difficult for all the singers, musicians, director, editor, videographers and the entire crew to come together virtually and plan, Amaze said it was a hustle yet a fun experience and adds how grateful she was to God for the technology He blessed our generation with.

The visuals of this music video were one aspect that left everyone in awe. When asked about the video clips that were a part of the music video, Amaze told us that the entire crew of the videographers had the visuals ready within 14 days of lockdown!! There were a total of 6 videographers and out of them, 4 of the videographers had done those scenic shots outdoors. A non-Christian who was a part of the crew said he’s never seen something this cool before! It was something very unusual yet really worth it for this project.

Before releasing this version of the song, Amaze and the entire team had to reconsider if they were certainly sure that they wanted to put it out there for the world to listen. The question “Why another Blessing?” echoed in their minds and they questioned whether it would be worth all their hard work. But they also knew that Blessing can’t get boring! So they decided to go ahead.

Even after being delayed by two months, and the stress and anxiety starting to set in, the entire team still did not want to give up and they gave their best! No one would need to think twice to say how hard the entire team worked to bring us a beautiful Tamil version of ‘The Blessing’ aka ‘Unakkagave Irukkindrar’.

“Although I don’t know the language I am obsessed with listening to this version of The Blessing! I cry as I listen, it’s so beautiful! Thank you! My heart is touched for India.” says Ms. Maria Rivera on this music video.

It was a “challenging benchmark” to be set but everyone on the team was up for this challenge.

And the most surprising part of this project was when this song received a huge amount of appreciation from the non-Tamilian community!

This song was sung by Amazing Grace Cruz, Giftson Durai, Nehemiah Kulothungan, Thanga Selvam, Prem Anand, Prakruthi Angelina, produced by Giftson Durai, directed by Ricky Raymond, Outcast Media and edited by Gershom Arul. Keba Jeremiah played the guitar accompanied by Nikil Ram on the flute. The talented videographers who worked on this project were Gershom Arul, Jagan Matthew, Jehu Christian, Jerry Christopher, Manviel Bhasker, Rohit Guntur.

You can find the lyrics to this beautiful song on Worship Cry (https://www.worshipcry.com/) – A unique collaboration between Outcast and Christian Music India – your one-stop platform for Indian Worship Music resources. Do not forget to check the music video too on Amazing Grace Cruz’s YouTube channel.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjp79_kANEg)

Also, we would love to hear about how this song has blessed you or your church personally. Do let us know in the comment section below.

Article By Salome Sundilla

Credits – Nithin Raj | Adit Abraham

Christian Songwriters You Need To Listen To. (Part – 2)

It’s an absolute joy to see how God is raising His daughters in our nation to proclaim His

power, love, and healing through the songs He puts in their hearts. Here are some of

His Beloved who are faithfully serving for His kingdom and blessing the Church with

their songs.

1.Esther Evelyne

With almost 9 years into song-writing, Esther Evelyne was born and raised in Hyderabad. For Esther, her songs are her prayers, and each song that she wrote has taken birth during her quiet time with God. With an overall of 7 original songs, some of her personal favorites are Preminche Dhaivama which is also the first song that she wrote back in 2011, Mera Sahara, and Knocking on Heaven’s Doors. She has also translated a few Hindi songs to Telugu Neela Lerevvaru– a Telugu version of the song Tumsa Koi Nahi and a few other Telugu songs to Hindi Yeshu ka Pyaar– a Hindi version of the song Viduvadu 

When asked about why she chose to write songs, she says “Worship connects one to God and witness is what leads others to God. There is nothing better than having an opportunity to spread the Gospel through Worship.” Esther’s upcoming original composition Yeshu mere saat hai will be out soon. Keep an eye out!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bigcutestar/?igshid=ww9b920dpjcd

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/EstherEvelyne

2.Anu Samuel

Born to a Bengali Dad and a Malayalee mom, she has spent her life in Vijayawada since her childhood. She has close to 30 songs with her – some solo compositions, some collaborations, and some for kids too. With 10 years of her life into songwriting, she says “My songs are usually birthed from spontaneous moments during Worship leading which I’ve been into for 13 years and then I take them and work on them personally.” She has experienced a song being birth every time she faced a personal challenge or battle in her life and those songs remain a medium to vent her emotions as well as reclaim her identity in Christ. She wrote her first song Ninne Aradhintun at the age of 18 and plans on releasing her recent Naamamu soon. 

“My goal is to be as real and vulnerable as I can be in my lyrics, serve my local church, city & state in my local language so that these songs can be a source of solace and anthems of declarations!” she adds.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/anusamuel/?igshid=1iemrpu0jkriv

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/HeavensCultureIndia

3.Merlyn Salvadi

Her first song – Mera Intezaar , was written at the age of 27 out of a painful season in her life and now it’s been six years that she has continued writing songs. She was born in Hyderabad and stayed in the UK for a year to pursue her Masters in Architecture. She then got married to Kenny Salvadi and all her songs have been produced by her husband under Kenny Salvadi Productions since then. Most of her songs are “inspired out of real-life situations” when she spends her quiet time with God. Merlyn and her husband – Kenny, put together all her songs and came up with the album Yeh Pyaar Tumhara.

Out of 16 songs that she has written so far, 7 are yet to be released. Her goal remains to ‘Praise Jesus and glorify His name’ while she plans on releasing 2 of her songs soon.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/merlynsalvadi/?igshid=1nm4404m9n8f7

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/KennySalvadi

4.Jasmin Faith

“I’m very picky on the songs I release”, says Jasmin who was born and raised in Switzerland. She has been penning down songs since she was 15 and her first song is titled Yesuvae which is one out of her 24 unreleased songs. Her first official single was Yennai Nadathubavar which was released on 28th June 2017. 

Jasmin says, “I would first hear a melody in my heart and then add lyrics that I feel would fit the tune. Most of my lyrics are from revelations I have and real-life experiences.” when asked about how her songs take form. She only releases songs when she feels “it’s going to impact someone and when it feels complete and ready to be released.” For her, songs are a tool “to express an honest rendition in a vulnerable way.” She aims that people will be able “to encounter God’s love and presence and truly worship Him and for people to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged.”

IG: https://www.instagram.com/jasminfaitht/?igshid=1vghp1wqnf7dd


These are some of our favorite female songwriters from India who have been blessing the Church with their songs and serving His people faithfully. What about you? Let us know your favorites in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Article By Salome Sundilla

credits – Nithin Raj | Adit Abraham

Christian Songwriters You Need To Listen To. (Part – 1)

Despite being restricted within the four walls of our rooms, songs with lyrics that are powerful let us go beyond our boundaries. It makes us shift our mind, heart, and soul from the earthly to the heavenly in an instant. That’s the impact of what amazing lyrics and music do! 

Here are 6 songwriters with varied genres who shared a piece of their journey that is sure to resonate with some of us.

David Livingstone

God rescues us from our brokenness to a place of wholeness, that’s the amazing testimony of David Livingston. He was born and raised in Hyderabad and has been currently living in Abu Dhabi for a year or so. He approbates that a song is a profound way of expressing your heart to God. His songs come to life during his quiet times with God. At the age of 17, he wrote his first song, ‘Aradhana.’ He has also written 10 songs thus far. He says “when our focus is on lifting His name there comes a kind of peace upon us that’s beyond our understanding”. Lastly, he believes music and lyrics are one of the most powerful weapons to reach people with the gospel. May this inspire many of us too to bring people to Christ with the music we create. 


YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEYQXt7atLY

Pratap Darshi 

From a journey of being orphaned to finding his purpose in God, Pratap Darshi has written numerous songs that have touched the heart of many. He is the director of Burn 24/7 in India and South Asia and has pioneered the 24/7 Worship and Prayer Movement for the past 11 years. His lyrics and music come from a spontaneous outflow of worship, from the throne room of God which has touched and transformed many lives. Besides popular Sunday school songs that he’s written, his best-known songs are ’Sunadarane and ’Ninna Prasaanathe and there are many more to come.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/prathap_darshi/?igshid=1mgcz93w7910o

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tShZ4b2NdZs&feature=youtu.be

Tali Angh 

Born in a small town called Longleng in Nagaland, Tali moved to Dimapur in 1990 and currently resides there. He also has lived in Ghaziabad for a year and thereafter studied in Bangalore for 7 years. It’s been almost 14 years since he started his songwritingjourney. Tali writes his songs with a desire to connect people with God. He believes that inspiration can come alive anytime and anywhere. He also believes that at times, we need to be patient until we feel the authenticity coming from within when writing songs. Tali considers songwriting more of a spiritual practice than skill although that is very important, and it’s also about learning to work with the Holy Spirit and your co-musicians. ’My Only Dream was the first song he penned down. He has written over 30 songs thus far and there are many more that he’s currently working on. He will be releasing a new version of one of his old songs very soon titled Heros Never Fly Away and a few singles this year. 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tali_angh/?igshid=w9q9hatwbspp

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZgg-_d3qA8&feature=youtu.be

Joel Sakkari 

Born in Dharwad, Joel went to Bombay in 2012 to learn songwriting and currently resides in Bengaluru. All his songs are based on his experiences in life. He has produced and co-written many gospel songs under the label of The Saccharide.  He’s also part of a synth-pop duo called Droolfox for which he’s a composer and producer. The first song he released is ’Shukrguzzar.’ His song Sonder from a short film called ‘Jenny’ directed Vaibhav Mahadev will be out on the 24th of July 2020. Joel has a story to share through his songs, a message that there’s a solution for everything.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/joelmakesmusic/?igshid=1umsvhkjum7n1

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSaccharideTv

Praveen Paul

The fundamental thing that Praveen believes in is “If we honor God, He will honor us” and he’s been living by that promise. Born and raised in Mysore, Praveen was someone who always loved music but never thought he would grow up to be a songwriter or a composer. It was when he gave his life to God, he discovered God’s desire for his life. He started writing songs since his college days but about three years ago, it became a serious passion. God has blessed him with a burden of writing for Kannada-speaking people. The first song which he wrote was ’Neene followed by ’Bidugade and his recent song ’Nanna DevaruHis next single Nee Ba’ talks about welcoming the Holy Spirit which is releasing next month. Up until now, he composed 25 songs which will be releasing in the coming months so do keep a tab on his YouTube and Instagram pages for further updates. 

“I encourage everyone to have a secret place and to have a quiet time with Him” that’s all he’s got to say. 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/praveen_paul/?igshid=bekr2vemrkr

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDFY7V3xS7o&feature=youtu.be


A boy from aamchi Mumbai – RJBMADZ has been writing songs for a long time. He started by writing poems and rhymes and never realized he could convert them into RAPs until he was inspired by Christian rapper, Lecrae. He believes that rapping is his calling and now does it professionally. He credits God for how he has been able to spread the message through his music. Some of his known releases are ’Khel Na Hein and ’I Want To See You.’ His upcoming song ’Yeshu Mere Andar from his album ’Insaan is in the works. Do keep an eye out for its release anytime soon.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/_rjbmadz_/?igshid=1nmih6lodx8ab

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h28J3yv6vEQ&feature=youtu.be

We are sure there are many such hidden gems whom you might know. Let us know some of your favorite singer/songwriters in the comment section.

Input provided is in collaboration with Christian Music India. Article By Adit Abraham

credits – Nithin Raj | Salome Sundilla


How can we truly mean those words in the midst of suffering or adversity? Is it even possible? YES!!! 😊 (I am screaming out this “yes”) The joy to feel it even when you don’t see it – has a unique beauty of its own.

Suffering is a gift. To share the suffering of Christ. To be broken like he did on the cross. To be taken to the edge of endurance and agony while you still chose to obey and fulfil his promise. It is a blessing. It is the attitude we have towards pain and the perspective of it that will help us rejoice in it and not get through it.

I understand what it is to feel pain, to feel loss, to suffer for what is right. And I can still say this – There is GREAT JOY in pain. I learnt deep compassion through suffering. I learnt humility and kindness in the face of the unknown. I learnt to allow myself to break my heart for what breaks the heart of my father. I learnt my Abba father’s love covers my heart and it is the understanding of that love that puts every trail into a better perspective. I learnt it’s NOT about me, it is something greater than me. And the best of all was I always knew His presence never left me. I am still learning to suffer well.

There’s no place where earthly sorrows Are more felt than up in heaven; There’s no place where earthly failings Have such kindly judgment given.

1 Peter 4:12-14 (Phillips Translation): “And now, dear friends of mine, I beg you not to be unduly alarmed at the fiery ordeals which come to test your faith, as though this were some abnormal experience. You should be glad, because it means you are called to share Christ’s sufferings. One day, when He shows Himself in full splendor to men, you will be filled with the most tremendous joy. If you are reproached for being Christ’s followers, that is a great privilege, for you can be sure that God’s Spirit of glory is resting upon you.”

Corrie ten Boom

Closing her Bible, Corrie proceeded to relate a conversation that took place between she and her father when she was a little girl. “Daddy,” she had said one day, “I am afraid that I will never be strong enough to be a martyr for Jesus Christ.”

“Tell me,” her father wisely responded, “when you take a train trip from Haarlem to Amsterdam, when do I give you the money for the ticket? Three weeks before?”

“No, Daddy, you give me the money for the ticket just before we get on the train.”

“That is right,” he replied, “and so it is with God’s strength. Our wise Father in heaven knows when you are going to need things too. Today you do not need the strength to be a martyr. But as soon as you are called upon for the honor of facing death for Jesus, He will supply the strength you need—just in time.”

Most often, what stops us from growing through adversity is the thought of – Will I get through it? Will I have the strength?


This also applies when we are afraid to step into something. Following the call of your heart. Making decisions in obedience to the word. Our human mind limits the possibility of that happening. What If – I fail What If – I loose what I have What If – ______ (What’s your WHAT IF)

But here’s what we DO know – God uses everything for Good! We cannot comprehend or fathom to understand Gods plan – but we sure have the ability to trust in him, to lean on his understanding and not ours, to be assured in his word – his unchanging everlasting word, the voice of the Holy Spirit.

So. Here’s the big question. How can I suffer well? The first question you could ask yourself during that time is – Where am I focusing on? Is it my suffering or fixing my eyes on things above? Cause both roads will take you to completely different destinations.

Suffering is purposeful. There is a purpose in suffering as well. Jesus could have just taken our sins away and skip the part of suffering for our sins. But he bore the pain, he carried our cross and he died for us. It was because of that – we received salvation, we received grace and access to heaven. Suffering implores us to do the counter-intuitive thing which is to ‘boast in our weakness’ that allows people to see the process and not just the highlights. They see the fire is refining us and not burning us – they see the gold at the end. Suffering stripes away the false sense of all togetherness and self-sufficiency and makes you realize that every breath we take comes from God.

God is able to do his best work within you when you completely depend on Him. And for some, that dependency comes when you realize you need God to help you carry your cross.

I have tasted the holy trinity when I cannot understand the ‘now’ but still believe in my ‘tomorrow’– The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit. It’s the presence of three persons in one – The father’s care, The saviors redeeming love covering all my sins that Satan is throwing at me in that hour and the spirit sustaining and upholding my faith. I couldn’t articulate the complexity of the three – but there is unspeakable joy to experience the sweet presence of three in the hour of suffering.

Why would you not want to suffer. When there is truly nothing to lose. But sooooo much to gain.

Whether I lose or gain – I can always say. “It is well with my soul”. Don’t see life as a moment, but see it as a whole 😊

While Thee I seek, Protecting Power

Be my vain wishes stilled,

And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be filled.

When gladness wings my favored hour,

Thy love my thoughts shall fill,

Resigned where storms of sorrow lower

My soul shall meet Thy will.

My lifted eye without a tear

The gathering storm shall see

My steadfast heart shall know no fear

My heart will rest on Thee.

If Not a Fountain, Think of it as a Sprinkler – Elina Yohannan

I was staring at a sprinkler the other day while struggling to get rid of an earworm. But I was singing the wrong lyrics. Instead of singing ‘I’ve got love like an ocean’, I was singing ‘I’ve got love like a fountain’…and it got me thinking — Why a fountain? Why can’t love be like a sprinkler? (I guess I was staring at the sprinkler for too long)

The thought suddenly seemed insignificant, just like the sprinkler. But I had some time to ponder on it and I realized that it was not.

Love isn’t just another emotion. It does not tangle itself only with the feeling of affection and attachment, which — in magical moments — births butterflies in your stomach, begets warmth to your soul or assures you a sense of belonging in this world.

It is way denser than that.

Love is a lifestyle — the more you exercise it, the more it grows, and the more it grows, the more you are captivated by its beauty and power — just like the grass that grows into a beautiful kind of green when the sprinklers daily kiss the leaves with water soaked in tenderness and joy.

The mother who waves you the ‘have a good day’ as you head out, the little kid across the street who smiles at you, the kind young man who offers you a seat on the bus, the waiter who serves you well, the friend who’s there to give you a warm hug when you are in desperate need of one, the boss who appreciates your creativity at work, the father who packs you lunch with a cute little note on it, the cab driver who waits for you patiently at your doorstep, the woman at the supermarket who never fails to say hello as you walk in, the stranger on the road who gives you a compliment…

We encounter love in so many different ways every single day and yet fail to recognize it most of the time. Instead of embracing and reciprocating it, we tend to resist it, run away from it rather, because who has the time to notice?

Love is deeply tangled in these small things.

It is subtle, patient, kind, innocent, hopeful, encouraging, enduring, and without pride — kinda like the sprinkler. 🙂


This was my all time slogan. I would love to share my experience on my service in church. How it changed my perspective.

During my childhood, I would sweep the floor and lay the mats in church. I still remember my mum saying to me, “Son, wherever you are serving, you should serve with your 💯%. For example if you are sweeping the floor, make sure every corner is cleaned well”. I started applying that in the church whenever I would sweep. I’d make sure every corner is cleaned. That was etched onto my brain.

I see the result of it now. Today I’m an Usher in the Church. One day I was standing at the door, welcoming people. Later on, after few days I went to Explore – which is Bible study. One day after a Bible study, one person walked up to me. His name was Michael. He told me, “On Sunday I was walking into the church and my heart was burdened and heavy. But when I saw your smiling face I just forgot everything and attended the service with joy.”

I remember what Christine Caine says “As always, God will work in us so he can work through us.”

I remember this verse Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as working for the LORD”

Smile all the WAY to make somebody’s DAY.